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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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150 Density VS 180 Density, Which Is Better?

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The fast-paced city life, facing the increasing prices and heavy workload put people under a lot of pressure, and with it comes frequent hair loss problems, especially for the female population, the problem of hair loss has been plaguing them for a long time, with the increase of hair loss people, human hair wig is more widely used in people's lives. With human hair wig, they have increased their confidence in their appearance. However, depending on the severity of the hair loss problem, there are types and densities of wigs, so it is important that we understand 150 density and 180 density.

Ⅰ. What is wig density?

The wig density refers to the amount of hair sewn onto the wig cap, and there are different densities of wig density to cater to the needs of more consumers. Simply put, the higher the wig density, the fuller the wig looks, while the lower the wig density means the wig is thinner. Natural hair also has different densities, some people seem to have a lot of hair means that their hair density is higher. human hair wig average wig density at 130 density, which is a medium density, so we call it medium density, the reason why 130 density is set is that the human native hair density is in the 100-130 density.

Ⅱ. Why wig density is important?

Many people will ask to buy a wig is necessary to consider wig density? The answer must be very necessary. Because wig density is directly related to the appearance that the wig you buy can give you. The vast majority of wig manufacturers have a variety of wig densities, each of which has a unique look and appeal to the viewer. There are three main reasons to consider wig density: First, different people are suited to different wig density. Not everyone is suitable for the same density, thin girls are relatively more suitable for less dense wigs, but also need to consider your face shape and daily match. Second, in summer you must be considered wig density, too heavy wigs will make your scalp overwhelmed, your skin is also a potential risk, wig density is too high, may make you have skin allergies and other troubles. Third, different wig density of course also represents a different price, the higher the density of the wig required to build the cost is also higher, correspondingly, you need to take care of the way is also different.

Ⅲ. what is a 150 density wig?

Compared to medium wig density, such as 130 density wigs, 150 density can give girls a fuller look, 150 density is thicker than normal wig density and is used by women to give them a fuller look. 150 density wigs offer a lot of of bounce, movement and styling possibilities. In addition 150 density wigs can create fuller curls and offer a variety of styling possibilities.

Ⅳ. Benefits of 150 density wig

The 150 density wig has a very light weight and will not make your neck or head feel uncomfortable.
The 150 density wig is very comfortable to wear, although it is a little thicker than the middle density wig, the 150 density wig has a very comfortable fit.
150 density wig is very easy to wear, wig cap with clips can be fixed wig, no need to use glue and other professional products.
150 density wig has a high degree of breathability, the wig cap is made of lace, which allows your scalp to breathe better and not feel stuffy.

Ⅴ. what is 180 density wig?

180 density wig is very thick, is a very special wig, has a very thick appearance. Those who need a special wig for decoration, artists and performers who work in the arts or in the acting profession, are in need of 180 density wig. 180 density wig have a very high density and will look thicker on the head than 150 density wigs.

Ⅵ. Advantages of 180 density wig

The 180 density wig has a very thick appearance, giving you a very voluminous and full head of hair
180 density wig helps to achieve special looks, such as news anchors such as the industry, are required to wear a very high thickness of the wig, so 180 density wig helps to achieve special looks
180 density wig has a very high volume of hair, and the quality of the hair is very good

Ⅶ. How to choose your best wig density?

Now that you have learned about 150 density wig and 180 density wig, how to choose a wig this is what you need to consider. Many people think about color and shape before choosing a wig, and neglect the density which is also very important. If your body is tall, in the professional needs or style needs, you can choose 180 density wig. if your body is petite, just want to change their appearance, want a fuller look, then you can absolutely try 150 density wig

Is 150 or 180 density better?

150% (Natural/Full) A nice density for ladies who want their hair to look natural with a little added fullness. A full style with a lot of bounce, body and movement. 180% (Heavy) Intended for clients who desire a full and voluminous hair look. This density is heavy and for clients who like a full style.

What is the best density for wigs?

The standard hair density for wigs is 150%, called Natural/Medium Density. This is almost equal to the hair density of the average human head, which varies between 100-150%. It gives a realistic appearance and is light on your head, making it very comfortable to wear.

Is 150 density good for a wig?

If you are planning to purchase a curly hair wig, a 150% density wig is the best option. This wig density not only makes the wig look more natural but also makes the natural hair look more thick than usual. If you are experiencing excessive thinning hair, this density is the best option for you.

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