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13 Best Hairstyles For Women With Round Face

This entry was posted in Style By Meru

There are many haircuts and hairstyles for round faces that flatter you because they focus on your strengths rather than your flaws. Medium length hairstyles do a great job on your face physiognomy, but you can also go with a short haircut.

When looking for round face haircuts, we recommend looking for asymmetrical hairstyles, layers and waves. Remember that you should avoid blunt straight bangs as they widen your face, which is the opposite of what you need.

Discover more tricks to get hairstyles for round face women that suit you in the following article.

1. Side bang pixie


If you're a gorgeous woman with prominent cheekbones, a short haircut is best for a round face.On the other hand, a pixie haircut is a great option for your features, especially if you're going for this messy look with slightly lifted bangs and thrown to one side.

2. Long layered hairstyle for round face


Long hairstyles help round faces look more oval. You can also choose the waves and layers under your chin. The bangs are flattest when worn on one side, so keep these sides in mind when looking for a new haircut that will give you the best look.

3. Space Buns for Round Faces


One of the best black hairstyles for round faces is probably the space bun. Especially if you have African American hair, you will be taller. We all know how voluminous it is, and you can use it to make your face look longer. Also, two braided strands from the corners of the forehead help achieve this slim look.. 

Braided hairstyles can be an option for round faces as they can show off your knitting skills and makeup. You can also make your cheekbones smaller by contouring your face.

4. Layered hairstyle with waves


The long layers give the Asian round face an elongated look while the waves cascade beautifully. The bangs are also long and when parted in the middle create a skeleton with a small face effect.

5. Shaggy Hairstyles for Round Faces


Layers and bangs are best when styling shag haircuts for women with round faces. It is best to sweep the fringe on one side and style layers for all hair lengths. The waves provide enough volume and do not emphasize the rounded face shape.

6. Straight bob for round face


Layered bob is a straight hairstyle that is ideal for round faces due to its excellent facial contours. If your morning styling takes less than 10 minutes, this is the best way to reach your goal.

7. Layered curl for round face


Thick hairstyles with short curly hair are not the best choice for round faces as they tend to spread the face further. Instead, place the waves low and keep your eyes away from your cheeks.

8. Whispy Bangs Layered Hairstyle

Layered hair with thin bangs is recommended for round-faced women over the age of 50. Spread the fringe on her forehead and indulge in champagne her blonde hair color.


9. Hairstyle for chubby face

Are you worried about round and chubby Asian faces? A hairstyle with layers and waves just below the ears will really flatter you. Go side bangs and prepare to be impressed!

10. Hairstyle of the center part for a round face

Mid-parted hairstyles look great on round faces as they create a frame that reduces prominent cheekbones. Also, contouring is your best friend, so take advantage of it.


11. Medium ombre hairstyle

If you have straight, fine hair, choose an ombre that takes all the attention away from your face and puts it over your stunning balayage. Create this easy hairstyle with your trademark parting center and no one will notice those prominent cheekbones.

12. Half-up half-down hairstyle

One of the best ways to lengthen your face is to choose a long, voluminous hairstyle. In this case, style the cornrow braids and secure them to the large buns. The long hair forms the frame and the buns stretch the face.

13. Single-sided curly hair

If you're a chubby girl, loose curls are perfect. But they don't add width to your face, and if you choose to wear the entire hairstyle, including the bangs on one side, your face will be slimmer. Makes a big difference.


Summary for Choosing Hairstyles for Round Face

In short, when choosing a hairstyle for a round face, you should focus on choosing a hairstyle that can block the outline of the face, such as some bangs or other shapes, which can effectively modify your face.

Is short or long hair better for round faces?

Round faces are often recommended to go with longer medium cuts, but you can opt for shorter hair too. The short tousled bob with a center part and curtain bangs is a great style choice for thin hair. The face-framing, wispy pieces keep the haircut feminine and youthful.

Do layers look good on round faces?

The length hits just below the chin, which is often the most flattering spot for round face shapes. (If you have a round face and long hair, your layers shouldn't go shorter than that point.) On this short bob, the layers graze the cheekbones and define them really beautifully.

How can I make my round face look thinner?

How can I make my round face look thinner? Add slight volume in the crown to slim a round face. Lightly tease the hair near the crown; keep the rest smooth and past your shoulders for a sleeker look. Try a Ponytail or an Updo – building extra height at the crown of the head narrows round features and makes the face seem thinner.

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