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613 Straight Hair

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Wigs have become more and more popular and have become a necessity in our daily lives. With the development of the times, more and more people tend to choose colored wigs. 613 wig is one of the color wigs that people seek. This article will tell you all about 613 blonde color. and you can have a better understanding and have a proper choice for the bundles you want.

What is color 613?

The number 613, sometimes given as #613 color, may be regarded as the color code of the blonde hair. In other words, the 613 is employed to denote the precise code of the hair being sold, to offer buyers thought about the merchandise on sale.
613 blonde hair color is exclusive. It's shining and bright. Young girls like it such a lot. This color can make girls become real barbies or princesses.

Is a 613 color a good choice?

(1)Many possibilities
There are many possibilities for blonde wigs. The biggest advantage of 613 blonde hair is that it does not need to be bleached. Therefore, when many women want to wear light-colored hair, they prefer this color of hair. The hair has been bleached, so all you need to do is choose the color you want. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to dye hair.
(2)Variety of hairstyles
613 human hair wig has a large lace front limit, which means you can split your hair in the front without worrying about the edges of the wig sticking out. So the style becomes very interesting. Simple and time-saving All of Klaiyi Hair 613 lace front wigs are pre-plucked and can be re-styled directly according to the natural hairline. This can save you a lot of money and time.
(3)Natural beauty
African-American black women worry that blonde hair looks unnatural. This problem is because you have to find a color that is naturally accepted. Dark roots will be your best friend. 613 blonde Wig with dark roots is the perfect image! It can give you a natural and noble visual effect.

How to install 613 bundles?

Step 1. Organize your hair first, make sure it is flat and easy to wear. You can braid your hair into braids or weave it into a style that is easy to wear (according to your own situation).
Step 2. Put on the hair cap and fix it. A hat can protect your hair from damage.
Step 3. Put the hair on your head to make the wig natural and comfortable, and adjust the position to suit you. Some hair have straps to adjust the size of the cap, and some are fixed with clips.
Step 4. After adjusting the position, apply glue on the forehead and dry it for a few minutes with a hair dryer.
Step 5. Fix the baby hair in the proper position, trim the edges and make the hairline to make the wig look more beautiful and natural.
Step 6. Comb and style hair. To comb the hair, you can use some conditioner. Of course, you can also use a hot tool to change the curvature of the wig according to your hobby.

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