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A lace closure is usually a 4x4 inch or 5x5 lace inch patch that placed on the middle, front of the wig. Closure wig is much similar to frontal wig, the difference on material is that it has less lace base which means there is limited styling space and options on lace closure wig.

A 4x4 weave closure is a wig worn only on top of the head, usually with bundles to wear, either glued or sewn with stitches, the 4x4 closure provides you with a very natural look and a realistic hairline. The number 4 stands for the width and length of 4 inches before and after the 4x4 closure hair respectively. 4x4 lace closure wig is worn on the top of the head and is often referred to as the crown or horseshoe area. It is 4 inches in length and 4 inches in width and can be paired nicely with bundles to provide a dense hair look to the hairline.

Is a 4x4 lace closure good?

A very important reason why 4x4 closures are so popular with women is that they are lightweight and have a small but good volume to cover your forehead and provide you with a natural-looking hairline. A 4x4 closure weighs about 2 ounces and is so light that you won't feel like wearing a wig is a chore at all, even if you wear it for hours or days without getting a headache from the weight on your head.

Whats the difference between a 4x4 and 5x5 closure?

Literally can also be seen from the 4x4 closure and 5x5 closure the biggest difference is the size is different, 5x5 closure front and back length are slightly longer than the 4x4 closure to be able to cover slightly more part of the scalp. The only difference between the two lace closure wigs is the 1 inch in length and width, if you don't really want to take the risk, then I would still recommend you to buy the 5x5 closure because it is a safe choice and it gives you more coverage and space to do clean hair partitioning hair options.

How to style a 4x4 closure?

You can choose the right bundles to go with the closure, and with the tutorial, it is possible to do the installation yourself at home, or if you think you may not be that skilled, you can choose to take it to a barber store and have a professional stylist help you make it.
Golden lace closure wig, you can use the 4x4 closure to do some interesting hairstyles, half-tie hairstyles, and top knots.

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