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Many women choose the natural wave weave or extensions, particularly in the summertime. The curls on this hair texture are loosely packed, making the weave appear more natural than other types of curly weave textures. But it can be easy to mix up the different weave textures, making it harder for you to find the right texture. Here, we'll take an in-depth look at the natural wave weave to make it easier for you to recognize the weave.

What is Natural Wave Hair?

Natural wave weaves have a very distinct texture that is very different from other hairstyles. Its many curls are concentrated around the body of the hair and appear natural, flowing in an orderly fashion. The curls on the natural wave weave are bigger than those on the curl wave weave but smaller than those on the body curl weave. Natural wave hair also tends to have a natural luster that makes the hair look luxurious.

How to Maintain Natural Wave Hair?

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your natural wave weave retains its luster and volume. The following are just some of the care tips to consider; Wash the natural wave weave with moderate water and use shampoo without harmful additives like silicone. While washing your hair use your fingers to distribute the shampoo over the hair. Use a conditioner after rinsing the hair and if you are not using a leave-in conditioner, leave the conditioner in the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. When combing your natural wave weave, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent unnecessary breakage of the hair. Avoid using heat to dry your hair. It is always a good idea to allow the weave to dry naturally although a blow drier can be useful if you want your hair to dry quickly. Natural wave weaves are very popular and with proper care, they can be very durable. We recommend that you consider going to a professional hairdresser to help you wear the weave.

What are the types of Natural waves?

Like most other types of natural hair weaves, the natural wave is available in different types. These include the following; Brazilian Natural Wave: this is one of the natural wave textures that are closest to African American hair and therefore preferred by most black women. Peruvian Natural Wave: Peruvian hair has the coarseness of Brazilian hair with a little bit of silliness that makes it much softer and fuller. It is very lightweight and luxurious making it ideal for longer hairstyles. Malaysian Natural Wave: Malaysian hair should be your first choice when you’re looking for a weave that is soft and voluminous. It also blends perfectly with African American hair. Indian Hair: Indian hair is thick and bouncy. It is also the thickest of all types of hair, making it an ideal solution when you want a lustrous, voluminous natural wave weave.

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