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For most women, how you wear your hair on any given day will determine how you feel about yourself. And since there can be so many choices in terms of different types of weave, it can often be difficult to decide the texture you want. One of the most popular textures is the deep wave weave, preferred by women who want a curly look, but not curls that are too tight.

What is Deep Wave Hair?

The deep wave weave is often classified as a curly hair texture. But while it is closer in terms of curls to the jerry curl pattern, the curls on a deep wave weave are not as tight as jerry curls and tend to flow more smoothly. This gives the weave more volume since each curl is thicker. The deep wave pattern is also a lot like a body wave, loose wave, or natural wave, except that the curls are tighter. But it is more closely related to the jerry curl because when it freezes up, it looks like the jerry curl.

How to Maintain Deep Wave Hair?

Keep in mind that your hair will only continue to serve you for as long as you care for it properly. To begin with, avoid washing your hair frequently. This will minimize frizz and keep the curls healthy. Also, use conditioning hair products and avoid heat treatments. A deep wave weave is a great choice for most women. The curls increase the weave’s natural volume and caring for it properly will maintain its natural shine.

How to Dye Deep Wave Hair?

As you probably already know, you can dye the deep wave weave any color you choose. The process of dyeing your hair is often complex and although you can do it yourself, we recommend getting professional help to avoid damaging the weave. However, if you decide to dye the hair, ensure that you test a few strands first to make sure that this is the color you want. The last thing you want is to dye the whole hair only to hate the color.

Difference Between Deep Wave and Water Wave?

The deep wave texture is often confused with the water wave texture. But the main difference between the two is that the curls on the water wave weave flow in the opposite direction as opposed to deep wave curls that flow in the same direction. This makes the deep wave texture more compatible with African American hair tends to have tighter curls and the water wave more compatible with Brazilian hair.

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